International trade solutions

It’s a complex world and different situations demand different responses. So you need the right international trade solutions at your disposal – to help you manage credit risk, finance transactions or keep your supply chain smooth, wherever you do business.

When exporting, you’ll want to safeguard against non-payment or broken contracts, especially in more difficult markets. Pre-export funding could be helpful to finance your sourcing and manufacturing processes -  alternatively, you could accelerate cash flow from exports sales by financing receivables.

As an importer, you’ll want to ensure that your ordered goods are shipped on time and meet specifications. To be certain of continuity of supply, you may choose to strengthen your partnerships with your suppliers by providing financing support, whilst at the same time improving your own working capital effectiveness.

The global network, services and expertise you need

Our global network, long-standing trade expertise and complete range of international trade solutions can meet all your in-country, regional or global trade services needs, and fit your operational requirements. So, for example, you can manage open account and trade transactions separately or together, in one seamless, centralised process – or at individual country or operating unit level. And you can monitor everything online, using MaxTrad™,  our award-winning trade services portal.

Managing risk and financing trade

Risk varies across your supply chain and your transactions. We have risk management solutions to match, right across the risk spectrum, whether you’re exporting or importing; for long-term projects as well as goods and services you need tomorrow.  We can also link risk management services to appropriate financing, to ensure your business has the support it needs.  Our supply chain financing solutions help you to negotiate mutually beneficial terms with your trading partners. It’s all about ensuring you and your partners have financing at the right stage in the import or export process, avoiding delays and strengthening your trading right across your supply chain.

The experience to succeed

Our award winning trade services and trade advisers (who, in the UK, are certified by the Institute of Export) can help to strengthen your international trading and ensure the results your business needs, in all your markets.

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Award-winning services

  • Global Finance - Best Supply Chain Finance Provider in Western Europe 2008 - 2014
  • Global Finance - Best Trade Finance Bank - UK - 2010 - 2014
  • Global Finance - Best Trade Finance Bank - WE - 2010-2012; 2014
  • Corporate Treasurer - Best Trade Finance Strategy - 2014
  • Trade & Forfaiting Review - Highly Commended ECA-backed deal - 2014
  • GTR Best Bank for Documentary Processing - 2010 - 2013
  • The Banker - Innovation in Trade & SCF - 2013
  • Treasury Today Adam Smith Award - Highly Commended Best Working Capital AP/AR Solution - 2013